Saying Goodbye

When we have to say goodbye...

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Is it time?

The single most difficult decision a pet owner has to make is whether or not it is time to euthanize a pet. It is so hard to think about, but sometimes the only compassionate decision is to ease suffering through euthanasia.
You may want to consider the following questions:
- Is your pet in constant pain?
- Can your pet control his/her urine or stool output?
- Can your pet move when he/she chooses to do so?
- Is your pet eating & drinking on his/her own?
- Is your pet still enjoying daily activities?
- Does your pet still recognize you?
- Do the bad days outnumber the good days?

Who decides?

You. The decision to euthanize is always yours to make. If you are unsure whether it is right for your pet, you may want to discuss your feelings with your veterinarian. They will talk to you about the progression of your pet’s disease or condition and offer you important information about your pet’s quality of life.

It is never easy for any of us to accept death, but euthanasia can end up being the most unselfish act of love we can offer a pet. Your veterinary heath care team will do whatever we can to help you at this very difficult time.

A Tender Goodbye

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The compassionate and professional team at All Creatures Veterinary Care will be here for you when you want to discuss your choices. Our staff will explain the process of a euthanasia. We understand that each family has their own unique set of wishes when it comes to saying goodbye and memorializing their pet. We will respect your wishes and will try to make the process a memory that you will cherish.
We can assure you and your family that your beloved pet will receive the respect and quality of care that he/she deserves. We believe that families, in time of sorrow, desire personal attention, comfort and absolute assurance that every detail will be carried out perfectly and gracefully.
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Cremations and Urn Services

We have partnered with A Beloved Friends Pet Crematory who offers a variety of cremation options. We can arrange everything for you as we understand what a difficult time this can be.
They also provide custom urns and hand-made paw prints as well. All paw prints are handcrafted, fired and finished at our facility. Their goal  is to capture the unique character of your pet's paw in a finish that naturally highlights the print itself. In addition they offer black ink paw prints on paper. Please call us with any questions. 
A Beloved Friends Pet Crematory
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